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Virtual Learning

Horse Owner Education

We believe that educated owners are critical to helping raise the standard of dental care horses receive. Because the teeth are out of sight, dentistry is essentially behind closed doors and few horse owners have a good working knowledge of what is unique about horse teeth and why they are prone to certain problems. Our aim is to help horse owners understand their horse’s mouth better as this can significantly affect their well being and performance.


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Hire Moore Equine Dental Services

Moore Equine was born from a passion for equine dentistry. We are based in Bertram, Texas and Wellington, Florida. We are deeply committed to providing the highest standard of care in horse dentistry. Our focus is multifaceted and includes minimally invasive extraction techniques for diseased teeth, sino-nasal surgeries, occlusal equilibration, and restorative dentistry. Advances in anesthesia combined with state-of-the-art surgical methods allow us to perform all surgeries in the standing sedated horse – thus avoiding the complications and costs associated with general anesthesia. Our veterinarians have spent decades traveling the world learning, teaching, and discovering knowledge and methods for improving the dental care of horses. A significant portion of our practice is dedicated to treating referral cases from other practices. We are fortunate to have a very large caseload which has in turn provided us with extensive experience in this field.
Please visit the site below or call the office at 512-508-8141 to get your appointment scheduled! 

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