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Welcome to Moore Equine Education

Our Equine Education

Moore Equine has a unique approach to practicing equine dentistry that comes from having integrated years of clinical and teaching experience around the world. By constantly working with some of the most progressive and open-minded veterinarians and technicians, we have assimilated unique insights from some of the world’s most experienced practitioners. The modules we offer are clinically based and designed to provide veterinarians with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills. 

The International Equine Dental Symposium brings together some of the most experienced and knowledgeable international speakers in the field. Join us for a comprehensive and informative event that will provide valuable insights and updates on the latest developments in equine dental care. 

Dr. Moore regularly travels all over the world to speak and teach hands-on wetlabs on various aspects of equine dentistry. These interactions at educational gatherings are a great way for clinicians to expose themselves to passionate practitioners that excel within their field. Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge will help us all deliver the highest standard of care for our equine dental patients.

Gain access to exclusive resources for equine dental techniques, clinical cases, personal insight, experience, and general discussion on this field.

We believe that educated owners are critical to helping raise the standard of dental care horses receive. Because the teeth are out of sight, dentistry is essentially behind closed doors and few horse owners have a good working knowledge of what is unique about horse teeth and why they are prone to certain problems. Our aim is to help horse owners understand their horse’s mouth better as this can significantly affect their well being and performance.

Dr. Moore has a lifelong passion for equine dentistry and has made it a mission to share musings, insights, experiences, and cases through this blog. Whether you are a dental veterinarian, veterinary technician, or simply own a horse, you will be exposed to original insight into what happens inside a horse’s mouth.

Moore Equine's Offer to Vet Students

Moore Equine's Offer to Vet Students

One of our priorities is to help inspire more veterinarians to get into equine dentistry. This begins with offering unique opportunities for veterinary students. Currently enrolled students can attend our courses at a fraction of the traditional cost. Those who wish to volunteer and help during a module can audit the whole module for free. Equine dentistry is an incredibly rewarding field with tremendous opportunities for those willing to put in the time and effort required to reach a high level of proficiency. For more information visit: Brought to you by Nick Moore D.V.M. Keyword: Horse dentistry, equine dentistry, horse floating, floating teeth, veterinary dentistry, equine dental surgery, equine dental procedures, tooth extraction in horses, tooth infection in horses, broken teeth in horses, dental fractures in horses, horse vet, horse doctor, wolf teeth, natural dentistry horses, equine dental education, abscessed tooth on a horse, root canal in horses, dental care in horses, animal dentistry, veterinary education, veterinary training, how to float horse teeth, do horses need dentistry, draft horse, quarter horse, mustang, warmblood, dressage, thoroughbred, hunter-jumper, barrel racing, team roping, rodeo, horse racing, horse health, geriatric horse, horse rescue, pleasure horse, horse disease, horse feed, horse diet, sinus infection horses, sinusitis horses, sinus disease horses, Moore equine, Texas horse vet, aaep, dental specialist horses
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